Quality and Service

For over 16 years, Mayur Engineering products have earned a reputation for excellent quality. The decisive factor was always to meet our customers' requirements through technical knowledge, experience and the firm will to find a better solution and often to exceed requirements.

We have set down our quality objectives as follows:

  • Special Nozzle Designs
  • Nozzle design preparation as per process
  • Wide application in various industries elegant design
  • Our innovative spray nozzles are designed to improve efficiency - from quick-change nozzles
  • Our customers need our quality claims to perform their activities
  • We will assure our present high quality standard in the future by forward-looking thinking and acting and the continuous development of our products
  • We will fulfill our high quality claims and document them by means of the systematic internal and external auditing of our products and processes
  • Here at Mayur engineering, the success of our business has always been rooted in understanding our customers' business and providing effective engineered solutions to their most difficult fluid process challenges
  • Not only do we have some of the world's finest nozzle engineers on staff, but we also have the manufacturing facilities to make sure their designs roll off the production line exactly as intended, on time and within budget

The Mayur Engineering are available to work with customers to determine the most important spray characteristics for a given application, and then determine how to best measure those characteristics. With access to nearly every modern spray characterization instrument, a selection can be made that uses the best tool for the job. Following the test program, all results and a test report are provided to the customer, which is tailored to the specific application and toward the requested spray solution.

The high objectives that we have set ourselves in the field of quality management are implemented in all our activities, from planning new products, from development through to production, in materials procurement, and from quality monitoring and assurance through to storage and shipment. It goes without saying that Customer Service at Mayur Engineering also belongs to the quality management circle.

We're committed to providing exceptional customer service. Our local sales offices and technical support teams are available to help with product specification, application problems, spray system optimization and ordering.

We would be glad to provide you with detailed information on our products and services in this specific field. We will also explain how you can benefit from our special quality philosophy.


We have fabricated a special test bench to check the performance of Spray Nozzles. These test benches are each designed to test flow capacities ranging from 1.0 lap to 3000 lap. We also have a special test rig for spray distribution analysis. For C.I.P. /W.I.P. application a unique transparent demonstration tank has been designed wherein the spray impact can be monitored at varying pressures and the spray coverage can be measured.

Contact us whenever you need any type of assistance – we are standing by and ready to help. We value your comments and opinions about our products and services.

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