Sunday 29 November 2015

Square Pattern Full Cone Spray Nozzle

Square Pattern Full Cone Spray Nozzle


This type of nozzle gives square cone with uniform distribution throughout.

  1. Produces a full cone square pattern
  2. Sprayed volume is evenly distributed across spray pattern
  3. Available with a range of spray angle

Materials and Construction: 

  • Standard materials are Brass and Stainless Steel.                                      
  • Male and female thread available
  • 3/8" or 1/4" BSP / NPT threaded connections available
  • Specially designed internal core ensures a good                                                

Ideal for:

  • Cooling and quenching
  • Product washing
  • Air and gas washers
  • Scrubbers
  • Liquor washer
  • Dust control
  • Fire protection
  • Continuous Casting Cooling.

Note: Special materials and connections on request.