Saturday 5 December 2015

Wide Angel Spray Nozzle

Wide Angel Spray Nozzle

A complete range of wide angel spray nozzles are shown here. These nozzles produce typically strong impact values, since the jet energy is concentrated over a limited Surface. Different techniques are available to produce a flat spray, each offers a specific design and spray properties Making it possible to choose the nozzle meeting all or most requirements for a given case. For each nozzle we show the most required construction materials but, for all other nozzles, special materials for given applications are often available or can be quoted. Because of the flat jet shape and it’s relatively High impact value. Wide angle flat fan spray nozzles produce a wide, low impact spray.

The circular orifice is relatively resistant to clogging. The deflector surface is machined to align precisely with the nozzle orifice to produce a high quality spray pattern. The orientation of the spray pattern relative to the nozzle pipe connection axis provides extra wide spray coverage at minimal spray stand-off distances.

Wide angel spray nozzles are having strong fluid impact. The energy of the jet is concentrated over a small surface area. Because of the flat jet shape and its relatively high impact values these nozzles are commonly used to wash objects moving on conveyors in a transverse direction to the pipe the nozzles are assembled to a flat jet spraying system involve large of relatively large number of nozzles on to one or more manifolds

Design: One-piece design
Connection: 1/8'', 1/4'', 3/8'', 1/2'', 3/4'' bsp and threaded
Flow Rate and spray angle make as per customer's requirements
Pressure:  1-7bar
Materials - These nozzles are available in SS & brass.
Special materials and connections on requirements

Ideal for:

  • Slab continuous casting
  • Bloom continuous casting
  • Billet casting
  • Cooling for continuous casting rollers
  • Cooling for hot mill rollers
  • Continuous annealing equipment
  • Washing, degreasing

Note: As per customers Requirement.