Saturday 5 December 2015

Hollow Cone Nozzle – Inline & Axial

Hollow Cone Nozzle – Inline & Axial

Hollow cone nozzles produces a conical spray pattern like a circular ring of where droplets are distributed on to the --- surface of the conical shape they are used in many different application like gas scrubbing, dust suppression cooling of large surface. Different types of hollow cone nozzle are shown below.

Hollow Cone Nozzles has fine & uniform liquid distribution. This uniform hollow cone atomization is possible due to Flow Geometry. Inside insert ensures efficient rotation of the liquids. Achieve narrow droplet size.

The basic Design Of this nozzle is based on fundamental principle of axial swirling motion.

Design : Vane less (Two Piece Construction) none clogging.

Ideal for:

  • Chemical Process Engineering.
  • Cooling of gases.
  • Cooling of air dust suppression.
  • Cleaning Process.
  • De-superheating.
  • Foam Control.
  • Metal Testing & Brine Spraying.
  • Foam control
  • Scrubbing, air & gas washing
  • Industrial washing
  • Cooling, wetting and degreasing
  • Dust control settling
  • Bins, flue ducts etc., metal treatment & in chemical process
  • Connection Size: 1/4 inch to 4 inch
  • Material: EN8, SS 304, 316, BRASS, PVC, and TEFLON Thread: BSP or NPT
  • Special materials and connections on request.
  • Flow Rate and spray angle make as per customer's requirements