Company History and Facts

Mayur Engineering develops and manufactures precision nozzles for various applications. For this we can fall back on all the experience of our 16-year history.

It gives us great pleasure to introduce spray nozzle technology as India’s finest manufacturing company.

The team of our technocrats with almost a decade of hardworking technical experience have been completed customer satisfaction as its primary objective.

  • Our highly motivated team works in perfect harmony to meet the most stringent quality standards,
  • Our dedicated team of sales and service professionals are more than happy to attend to the specific requirements
  • Providing the end user with total customer satisfaction

The extensive knowledge of nozzles among our 22-strong workforce and a deep understanding of typical industry processes mean that we have been at the forefront of innovation in nozzle technology for many years.

Our heart we remain a Mayur Engineering company with the typical passion for precision, innovation and the drive to always become better.

We value your comments and opinions about our products and services. If you have a comment or information you’d like to share or know‚ Please e−mail us at [email protected]